Feelings. We have them all the time. What we feel has a huge impact on us. Our feelings dictate everything in our lives. They tell us what we think about ourselves and they affect our performance. They create our sickness or health. Happy people are healthy people. Medicine recognizes the importance of feelings and how they affect our health. Doctors and scientists say that stress can cause absolutely anything. What is stress? Negative feelings. Just one disagreement with another person can prolong recovery after an operation. While feeling good speeds up the healing. When we feel good, we make a sale and get a job. Happy people look younger. I am always so fascinated by the physical transformation of my clients faces. They look more beautiful/handsome and younger as they are becoming happier.

It almost seems like we have the magic potion called - feeling good - that can literally transform our lives. Could that be so simple? It is that simple! As our feelings are the most important, we need to pay attention to how we feel. The most powerful feelings are love and gratitude. They always make us feel fantastic! They are the magic power behind everything awesome that happens in our lives.

So, pay attention to how you feel. Feel lots of love and gratitude and see how your life is going to unfold and become truly magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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