How much love do you need to feel? That is a very good question.

Before we answer this question, let’s analyze why it is important to feel love. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what we desire. Love is the most powerful feeling that exists. When we feel love we automatically become calm and calmness is the key to success in every aspect of our lives. So, the more love we feel the calmer we become and the more accomplished we are.

As we have established the importance of love, the question remains: How much love do you need to feel? We have a number of answers like: more and more, a lot, all the time etc. But the answer is simpler than we realize. You see, our lives are a sum of moments. We create everything by the way we feel at this very moment. So, how much love do you need to feel? More than the last moment. How incredibly simple and brilliant that is! Whatever we felt a second ago, we need to feel more love now. Even if we felt lots of love a moment ago, now we need to feel even more. Something fascinating happens when we do that and I mean truly do that. When every single moment we concentrate on feeling more love it means that we feel better now than before. As we feel more love than a moment ago we are calmer now than before. Remember, calmness is the key to success, so when we feel calmer we are able to create more of the things that we desire. In other words, we become more accomplished and happier than the last moment. When we continue with the idea, we find ourselves going quickly  to new and higher levels of calmness and we achieve things beyond what we thought was possible.

So, how much love do you need to feel? More than the last moment! That is the key to YOUR Magical Life!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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