Is our glass half full or half empty? I am sure you have heard that we should always see our glass half full. But…let’s stop here for a moment and think about it. Why should our glass be only half full? What about it being completely full? Or…even better…overflowing!

What is it that determines how we see our glass? Many things, but the most important are the things that we already have. How do we see the things we have? Are we grateful for them? Think about it… If at this very moment I asked you to say thank you for ALL the things that you have right now, how long would it take you? If we want to have better health we need to be grateful for the health that we have now. When my clients heal themselves they are grateful for what they can physically do right now. They can see, hear, etc., and they are grateful for it. When we are grateful for the health we have now, we heal ourselves. When we want a better relationship, we need to be grateful for the little good things about the relationship that we have now. When we want to have more money, we need to be grateful for the money that we have right now.

We always have lots to be grateful for. When we truly think how little water we need to fill a glass and one drop more will make it overflow. When we truly concentrate only on what we have and feel gratitude for it, we will see our glass overflowing. Always remember, we create more of what we are grateful for. So, when we keep that full of gratitude mindset that water is going to be pouring out of that glass faster and faster and before we know it, we will have a river of abundance.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine



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