We all would like to achieve our goals as quickly as possible. How fast? Would that be awesome if we could put our goals in a microwave, set it for one minute and… whala!!! They are ready!

We would like to have everything at this very moment, but realistically we know that it takes time to achieve our goals. Realistically…what does it mean realistically? How long is that?

How long does it take to heal ourselves? How long does it take to build a business or create amazing relationships?

Let me give you some examples.

One of my clients had sciatic nerve pain for 5 years. I told her what to do and 4 days later it was completely gone. She wears high heal shoes for the first time in 5 years and she even rides a horse. My other client had chronic fatigue that is an incurable disease for 2.5 years. After the first session, the next morning he woke up and it was completely gone! My other client had serious genetic disease in his eyes. All his family has it. I told him what to do and 2 days later he has super clear vision in both eyes. A salesman that was the last in sales in his office became number one in three weeks. A lady starting her own business was making money in two months. Her first year was the biggest year of her entire life. Since that she makes more and more money every year doing what she loves. She sings for a living. A client with a big business was thinking about replacing her two assistants as she wanted someone who was very reliable and works fast. I told her that she has two options. She can replace them or she can create them the way she would like them to be. She did what I asked her to do and in two weeks she told me that both her assistants were amazing. They work fast and do things correctly. She was shocked by how fast that has changed.

We can keep going with the examples, but the point is that how fast we are going to create things depends purely on us. That is awesome news! If we expect that things will take a long time, they will. If we expect that it can be done fast we will create exactly that.

So, how can we achieve our goals fast? First, we need to become calm. Calmer than we have ever been. We need to become very patient. The more patient we are the faster we will create what we desire. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel, so we need to make sure that we feel good. We need to love ourselves and others, be grateful for what we have and have fun with everything we do. We need to put in our mind the picture of the perfect outcome and keep repeating it over and over throughout the day.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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