Something very interesting happens to us in anticipation of the Seasonal Holidays. We go to the malls, looking for presents for the people that we care about. The last part of the sentence explains everything. We stop for a moment and we feel grateful for many people that we have in our lives. As a token of our appreciation we purchase gifts for them. Those presents are a way of saying – thank you. Thank you for what? There can be millions of reasons. But, let’s think for a moment. Those people are with us all year round. They are our family or friends, etc. The gifts during the Holiday Season are a way of recognizing them. Showing them that we care about them. But… what about during the entire year? Do we recognize them from January to November? Do we shower them with gifts during that time? Presents are very nice, but the most precious gifts are those that we give to these wonderful people during the entire year. These gifts are so incredibly simple. They are kind words, a smile, thank you and a sincere compliment, etc. The appreciation, respect and love are the best gifts that we can give on a daily basis. It makes us feel so good when we buy presents for the Holiday Season. We love giving them and seeing the expression on their faces when they receive them. What is going to happen when we give the presents of appreciation to them every day? We will feel awesome!!!

And here…it is a fascinating thing… We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good, we create what we desire. So, think about it… When we give presents, we feel good. When we tell people how much we appreciate them and when we speak kind words and smile it makes us feel good. We become much happier! Because we feel good, we create what we want in every area of our lives.

We feel so special during the Holiday Season. The only reason that we feel so different during this time is because WE change. The best news is that we can keep that Holiday Spirit throughout the entire year! We can give presents of the kind words, respect and appreciation every day! When we do that it will change us entirely! We will become new people. And…as a result…we will live a new life…a Magical life…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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