What does it mean to have the right mindset? Why is it important to have the right mindset?

There are some people who seem to have things coming much easier to them than others. It seems like they have luck on their side. Why does that happen? It is the mindset that we are talking about. When we have the right mindset, we are going to have much better results in a shorter period of time. It means that we work smart. So, when we have established that, the question becomes: What does it mean to have the right mindset?

There are many elements that make the right mindset. First, you need to understand how powerful you are. Whatever you think in your wildest dreams about the power of your mind, it goes far, far beyond that!!! You can literally achieve whatever you desire. You need to realize that this world works in a different way than you think it does. You create everything in your life and you create it by the way you feel. That is why it is crucial that you feel good as only when you feel good, do you create what you want. The feelings that we are talking about are love and gratitude. The more love and gratitude you feel, the easier and faster you are going to create the desired outcomes. You need to feel love for everything and everyone, and be grateful for everything you already have. You need to be grateful for the smallest things. You need to feel love for yourself and see how amazing and precious you are. You need to expect that all your actions bring you awesome results. So, if you are making a presentation, you need to expect that you have a sale or a client. When you have an interview, you need to expect that the job is yours. You need to expect that things come easy for you. And…you need to have fun with everything you do.

Let me give you an example.

One of my Real Estate clients, called me and told me that she made a sale, but the sellers decided to sell the house at a much later time. She said that the buyers loved the house and they were so excited about purchasing it. How was she going to tell them that the sellers changed their mind? I told her that she had the power to create the desired outcome. I asked her what was that she would like to happen? She told me that she would like the sellers to go ahead with the sale. I said that she needs to feel love for the house, for the sellers and the buyers and put a picture in her mind that the sale goes through very easily. She followed my recommendations. Two hours later, she texted me that the sellers called her and they decided to go ahead with the sale of their home. She was amazed how quickly she created the perfect outcome. The sale went very smoothly and closed with all parties being very happy.

You see, you decide whether the situation you have in front of you is final. If you want something else, just create it. Make it the way you want. You create it with the right mindset. It is YOUR life and you have the power to make it easy, fun and…Magical!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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