GPS – Global Positioning System. The use of it is very simple. We enter our desired destination into it, then the system pin points our present location, and calculates the shortest way to the desired address. Then, street by street, we are guided until we reach our destination.

Think about it, how cool would it be to have that kind of GPS for our goals? What if we could just punch in the goal that we want and then just wait for the instructions on how to get there. The coolest thing is that this GPS would show us the fastest and the shortest way to our goal. It is nice to dream about it.

But what if…I told you…that we are already equipped with that kind of GPS. Really?

You see, we are brilliant, designed to live in abundance and we already have everything we need to become very successful and very happy. So, how can we tap into that power that we already have? First, we need to realize that things are simpler than we think they are. We need to start with setting a goal. We need to know our destination. The goal needs to be ours. It has to be something that we really want. Now we have our destination for our GPS. When we enter the destination into the GPS a nice calm voice tells us: “Please, drive to a highlighted route.” In other words we need to start driving from our driveway or a parking lot to a first street. Our GPS works the same way. After we set a goal we need to start doing something towards it. We need to make phone calls, make new contacts to get clients, gather more knowledge, etc. We need to act on our goal to take it to the “street”. When we are there, GPS will tell us: go straight, turn right, left and so on, until we reach our address. Our GPS works the same way. After taking actions towards our goal, we get directions on what to do next. But, what does it looks like in practice?

Have you ever had a gut feeling/intuition? Of course, you had. That gut feeling/intuition that is telling you to do something is showing you the next step to your goal. All we need to do is to listen to it and follow it. Any time we follow a gut feeling/intuition things are easy and they feel right. The calmer we are the more guidance we are going to have. We are going to get 1- 4 steps ahead and as we are following them, new steps will be given to us. As we follow them, one by one we realize that we are closer and closer to our goal until we arrive at our destination.

Think about it. Could it be any simpler than that? All we need to do is to set a goal, take actions towards it and then follow your gut feelings/intuition. People are amazed how this works. Suddenly, things get easy and simple in their lives and they become happier than ever before.

Remember, to have fun on the way!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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