We set goals to achieve our dreams, but we never really realize that setting goals and achieving them shapes us.

The first change appears when we set our goals. Having direction in our lives makes us feel good. But the true change in the process of setting goals happens when we go beyond what we normally do. When we sit down and for the first time in our lives we think what it is that WE REALLY WANT. Imagination is extremely important in that moment. We need to grow our imagination because, we advance with it. The big change in us appears when we set goals what we might call “unrealistic”. What is an unrealistic goal? The one we can’t imagine. If we can imagine it, we can have it. When we set a goal like that, something we really, really want, but we never considered as possible, something amazing happens. We grow beyond who we are. If my clients never set goals like that, they would never heal incurable diseases, change abusive relationships into soul mate bonds with the same partner, etc. When you set a goal like that it makes you feel alive! It takes you to a completely new level. Do you realize what happens when you achieve a goal like that? You will never be the same person! Your confidence goes through the roof!

When we set goals we will have big and small goals. Achieving the small goals is as important as the big ones. Every single goal that we accomplish makes us more confident. It creates a feeling of being more and more happy and we are much more fun to be around.

Here is something very interesting that I am going to tell you. In order for you to achieve your goal you need to become calmer. The calmer you are the faster you are going to accomplish your goal. When the desired thing or situation appears in your life your confidence grows. It means you become calmer by achieving your goal, and as a result you are going to achieve the next one faster. Do you realize what is happening? By setting your goals and achieving them you become a completely new person! You become calmer and more grateful and happier than ever before. And…before you realize your goals are getting bigger, more fascinating and you are having fun in your life you never thought was possible! You wake up every morning and give thanks for the new day that is about to unfold…knowing that it is going to be the best day of your life…and tomorrow is going to be the best day of your life…and the day after…and the day after… And it all happened because you became a new person by setting a direction in which you wanted to go and followed your own fascinating path. You set your own adventure in your life and you are having a time of your life! You truly become alive!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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