Would it be awesome if we could be free like a bird? If everything in our lives would go exactly the way we wanted? If we could have money, great relationships, health and we could just enjoy our lives to the fullest?

My client just came to see me after he finished my program. I asked him how he was doing. He looked at me and said that he has everything he has ever wanted in his life. He concluded that his life is beyond what he ever thought it could be. He is one of many that experience the same thing.

When we look at our lives that we have at this moment, we might feel the same way as my client does, and that is so awesome. But…we might look at our lives and wonder if we could be in the same wonderful situation as my client is.

Whatever your situation is, you can take it to a completely new level. You see, you were designed to be abundant. You already have everything that you will ever need to become extremely successful. The power of your mind goes beyond everything you can ever imagine. You have the power to create everything in your life in any and every way you desire. The fact is that you have been creating everything your entire life. You have created all the people and situations. We might look at what we have and wish that things were different and here is the best news that you can ever have, you can change all of it! Why? Because, you are the only one that creates your entire life. Your life is completely up to YOU! You see, you create your job, your boss, and your colleagues. You create your partner and your children. You create your friends, your business and your clients. You create everyone and everything. Think about it. How awesome is that!? Because, you create everyone and everything you can create them the way you desire. You can create them loving, caring, sweet, happy and successful. You can create incredible things for yourself and everyone else. As a result you are loved, respected, appreciated and happy. You can create your clients being wonderful and extremely satisfied. When you think about it for a moment…how awesome that sounds! You can create your life being simple and easy.

So, the big question is: How can I create people and situations the way I want?

It all starts with you. You are the most important person in your life. Why? Because, you create everyone and everything. You create by the way you feel. In order for you to create what you want, you need to feel good. Again, that starts with you. You need to feel good about yourself. You need to see how amazing and brilliant you are. You need to feel love for yourself. The more love you feel for yourself the more love you will feel for others. The love you feel for others is going to reach a completely new level. Even if you feel lots of love already, you will notice that it will reach entirely new heights. My new clients often ask me, why my advanced clients can create such amazing things. My answer is very simple. They love themselves more than you do. But…the best part is that you can catch up with them so easily! You just need to tell yourself over and over throughout a day, I love you, (your name). You see, when we feel more love for ourselves, we look at everyone and everything in a completely new way. The more beauty we see in ourselves the more beauty we see in others. We notice the little things that we love about others. Because we feel differently we create people in a completely new way. When you feel good you create people and things the way you want and suddenly things become so simple and easy.

And…before you know it…you are free like a bird as you are having a life of your dreams.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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