How can we change our financial situation?

My client told me with tears in her eyes that for the first time in her life she can pay her bills. She was so thrilled that in the middle of the month she had all the bills already paid for that month.

It all starts with our mind. The mindset is the fine line between some people having lots of money and some being in a completely different situation.

How this applies to money?

When we look at our bank account, what is that we feel? Do we feel good, or do some other feelings take over. You see that is the place where we need to change how we feel. We create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel good, do we create what we want. For us to create more money, we need to feel good about the money that we have right now. Whether it is a lot or a little, we need to feel grateful for every single dollar. When we are grateful we create more things to be grateful for. In this case we create more money. When we feel grateful we feel good and that is a very important start. So, when we go into other feelings than gratitude we need to say to ourselves that our situation is only temporary. That statement makes us feel better already. And as you know now, feeling good is the key for us to creating more money.

Then we need to concentrate on our business. We need to get more clients. When I was working as an insurance agent, years ago, my boss said something very simple and very brilliant. When you have your own business or you work on a commission basis in a company, there are only two things you need to do. You are either in front of a client or you are looking for a new client. If you are selling, explaining things to your clients, servicing your clients, etc., you are in front of a client. Any other time you are looking for a new client: calling, networking, asking for referrals, being a part of an organization, etc. Be grateful for every client or order that you get. Remember, we always create more of what we are grateful for. When you are grateful for one client, you will get another one. Before you know it you have many.

We need to understand that if we have our own business or we are working on a commission basis for a company, we are paid only for results. We need to focus on spending our time effectively. When we do that we will make more sales in a shorter period of time and we will make more money working less hours. But, when we are starting a business or our commission paid job, we need to put some time into it until we get a comfortable income and create momentum. The more we pay attention to how we feel the shorter time it will take to create it.

Before every business appointment you have put in your mind a perfect outcome. In your mind you already have a sale. You already have a big order, or contract etc. It is a done deal!!!

The same principle applies if we want to find a perfect job. We need to feel good in order to get it. We need to see in our mind that the position is already ours.

And above all…we need to have fun with everything we do. When we have fun, we feel good and we create more money.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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