Very often we think that it has to be something huge and complexed to make a difference in the way we reach our goals. Sometimes, we wonder why the other person achieves things so easily. It looks like they do what we do. What makes the difference between us and them?

It might look on the surface that the other person does what we do. They might take the same action like us, but the results are completely different. Why? The difference is in the mindset. When we have the right mindset we will achieve much more in a shorter period of time. That mindset is the fine line that makes all the difference.

When we go on an appointment to make a sale, we only get a client when we feel good. We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what we want. So, in order for us to make that sale we need to feel good. When we have fun with what we do, we feel good and we become successful. Things become easier and easier and it feels sometimes like sales just drop into our laps. The more fun we have the more successful we become.

A man came to my office who wanted some guidance to make his insurance career a successful one. He wanted to be able to pay his bills. I talked to him for a while. He told me that the only reason he chose this career was because his father was an extremely successful insurance agent and his father together with his wife thought that it would be very wise for him to follow the same path. The most important thing was that he told me that he would rather do anything else, but insurance. Do you think he could ever be truly successful in insurance with those feelings? His heart was into something completely different. He wanted to be a photographer. He wanted to take school pictures. In the moment he started to talk about it, he had a huge smile on his face. He was glowing! What do you think I told him? I said, follow your heart.

When we do what we love we become successful in whatever it is that we do. We look forward to Monday. We have fun and we get paid for it! How cool is that!

Why do things become easy when we do what we love? For a very simple reason. Because, we love it! When we feel love and have fun, we feel good and we only create what we really want.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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