Finding it… in your heart. What are talking about? What is it that we can find in our hearts? Kindness? Strength? Courage? Confidence? Sense of adventure? What is it that we can find in our hearts? Whatever it is, you can find it there!!!

The first thing you need to do is to be aligned with your heart. What does it mean? It means that you need to love yourself. By loving yourself you are going to see the truth about yourself. What is the truth? YOU ARE LOVE!!! You are born knowing only love. This is your “factory” setting. As a little child you looked at everyone and everything with love and a sense of adventure. You found yourself and the surrounding world fascinating and you wanted to learn everything about it. You saw only beauty in yourself and everyone else. You were in awe with all little things and you had fun with everything. You knew how amazing and special you were. You had incredible persistence. According to scientists, you got up from the floor at least 900 times before you learned how to walk. And… every time you got up you were so proud of yourself that you made sure everyone noticed how amazing you were. You laughed and clapped your little hands applauding yourself for the smallest achievement. You had only a concept of love and applied it to yourself and everyone else. You learned everything so fast as a little child, because you treated the learning process as adventure and fun. You had passion for discovery, you were confident, persistent and your imagination was incredible!!! That was your “factory” settings and STILL IS!!! You are still the little child, you just need to see it in yourself.

How do we go back to the “factory” settings? We need to become like that little child again. We need to recognize how precious we are. Starting with feeling love for ourselves. When we feel that love for ourselves, something amazing happens. We become happy!!! When we take that feeling of love to others, our happiness goes to a completely new level. When we apply that feeling of love to everything else, like animals, plants, objects… and have fun with everything we do, our lives become a fairy tale. Suddenly, we realize that we are surrounded only by positive people. Our relationships become truly amazing and our business and professional life go to a completely new level. We even heal ourselves if it is needed. Our confidence goes through the roof!!! As a result, we become truly happy and our lives are easy and fun.

So, any time you want to create something different, something new in your life, go back to your “factory” settings. Feel lots love and have fun. Become that little child again… and… live a Magical Life!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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