We all would love to have financial freedom. How awesome is it when we have a steady flow of money to supply us with not only what we need, but what we want.

In order to do that we need to have a specific money mind set. What I mean is that we need to think about money in a certain way. In our minds we always need to be the people who have money.

How do we go about it?

For us to have more money we need to be relaxed about it.

The first very important thing to do is not to overcommit ourselves financially. One of the biggest stresses we can have is the shortage of finances. When we live within our means we will have enough money for what we need and we might even have money left over. That makes us feel relaxed as we can provide for ourselves.

The best financial minds say that we should have 3-6 months of the value of all our bills put aside. That will put our mind at ease.

The calmness about our present financial situation is the perfect starting point to making more money. At this moment we need to be very grateful for the money that we have. Only when we are thankful for what we have, no matter how much or how little, we are going to create more of it. It is the difference between feeling that we have money or not. Only when we feel that we have money we will create more of it.

We need to take actions towards earning more money. If we work for someone we might consider a promotion or getting a new job, or maybe start a business that will provide us with more income. Always remember it is important that we do what we love. If we are business owners or we work on commission we need to get more clients in order to grow our income. In that scenario, regarding taking actions, there are only two things to do here: we either sit in front of a client or we look for a new client. We need to remember that when we have a business or we work on commission we are only paid for results. That is awesome news, because we are deciding how much money we want to make.

We need to be grateful for every client we have, whether we have one or thousands. When we are thankful for the only client we have we will get another and another and before we know it we will have many.

When you are proving clients with products or services, concentrate on the fun you have with that client at that moment, not about the money it can provide you with. That experience with your client is precious so take advantage of it and have fun. When you take great care of your client and have fun doing it money will follow more than you realize.

Because you are living within your means and you have some money in your account you will feel relaxed with your clients’ decisions of purchasing your products or services and you should make an easy sale. Any time we feel under pressure that we need to make money the sale does not happen. That is why the calmness is so crucial to building financial freedom.

All the points I mentioned are very important to building financial wealth. It doesn’t matter what place we are in right now, when we are calm we will make money. The calmer we are the more money we are going to make.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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