Financial freedom starts with the first dollar that we earn and the first dollar that we put in our savings account. But… the most important, it starts with the right mindset. It is the mindset of abundance that makes the difference. That state of mind decides how much money we make and how much we put aside.

If we want to have financial freedom, we need to make money first. Why does one person make more money than another one in the same profession or in the same business? For example, why does one Insurance Agent or a Real Estate Agent make more money than another? The one that makes more money has a different mindset. Why does an Insurance Agent who is at the bottom of their selling team becomes #1 in their office when they adopt a mindset of abundance? Why an employee, who gets a promotion or a raise when they change their mindset? Because, the mindset is the key to making money!!!

Let me give you examples.

One of my clients, a Real Estate Agent, went from selling two houses a month to being number two in her office of 135 agents, and number 11 in her company in the entire state. Another client, a very successful businessman increased his sales by 25% in a month. Another one got the job of his dreams and promotion with a raise. A Financial Advisor who’s dream was to make $100,000 per year went to making $500,000 per year, when she adopted her new mindset.

So, what do we do to create the right mindset?

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. Only when we feel good do we create what we desire. In this scenario, is a new, well paying job, or promotion, pay increases, or more sales. When we feel love and gratitude, we feel good. We need to feel love for the job and the people that we work with, and our clients, etc. We need to put a picture in our mind of the desired outcome. We need to put positive emotions with the picture. It is very important, that we do it before each sale or each time we meet with the client.

The second very important thing is to put money aside. We can make lots of money, but the financial freedom depends on how much we save. One thing, is how much we make, but even more important is how much we save. Every time we make money, we need to pay ourselves first. We need to put money in our savings account. We need to set ourselves a number that we need to put aside every paycheck or every month. It can be an amount or percentage. Remember, the more we save the more financial freedom we have. When we see our account growing, it makes us feel even more abundant. My client’s 12 year old business was just able to supply enough money to pay for the expenses. When she adopted the right mindset her business provided her with such income that in a matter of six months she was able to put $50,000 in her savings account.

It is very important that we are grateful for every dollar that we make and every dollar that we save.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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