The passion for what we do, the enthusiasm for life makes us alive. When we feel alive, we are truly living a happy life. We find ourselves feeling awesome mentally and physically with lots of energy and we are eager to get up every morning to start another amazing day. And… we go to bed at night with gratitude for all the wonderful experiences that the day provided. Sounds like a tall order? Not at all!

I saw a lady that I met a 2 years ago who told me that after our meeting she made a huge change in her life that turned everything around. She was very unhappy in the job she had and decided to find the one that would make her satisfied. She found the perfect job and she is very happy at it. Because of that change her entire life went on to a new level. It affected her family life and now, she feels alive.

We are very often stuck doing something that we don’t care about. We think that we can’t get the perfect job. The point is that we can! With the right mind set we can get any position we desire or start our business and become very successful at it. Another client who is a hairdresser and her dream was to have her own hair salon. The worry that she might not get enough clients to pay the bills and support herself, was stopping her from pursuing her dream. When I told her about my other client who is a hairdresser as well and who in the matter of 2 months created her own very successful business, she decided to go for it. With the knowledge of how to think, her salon is now very successful with a fully booked calendar. She just told me that because of her new income she was able to purchase a beautiful condo. Now, she not only has a successful business, but her own place to live, and she has done all of that in a matter of a few months. There is nothing better than having fun with what you do and getting paid for it!

But, feeling alive goes beyond our professional careers. It is about being happy in every aspect of our lives. We need to have great relationships, health, etc. The feeling of being alive starts from the inside.

How do we go about creating this feeling?

Realizing how abundant we already are, by feeling gratitude for what it is that we already have, no matter how much or how little. When we feel love and gratitude we become alive and we have so much to be grateful for! Do you realize how blessed you are? When we look at everything that way, before we know it, the list of things that we already have is longer than we have ever realized. When we feel gratitude, we feel good. When we feel good we manifest in our lives what we want. We create more things to be grateful for.

When we recognize the things that we have, we love them and feel grateful for them, our lives go on a completely new level. When you say to yourself, every day, what it is that you are grateful for, you will truly become happy and feel alive. You will have the passion for life. You will eagerly get up in the morning to give more thanks for what you have. When you do that diligently, you will be surprised how quickly the list of things that you have is going to become longer and longer…and before you know it, your life will become truly magical.

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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