If you are a person who exercises, you know that we always feel awesome after. We find ourselves feeling relaxed with more energy and happier. Exercising always has that effect on us. Why?

While we are doing repetitions, most of the time we solely concentrate on what we are doing at the very moment. We focus on the movement of our bodies. We count the repetitions and we pay attention to how we move. That is being in the moment. When we are in the moment we always feel good. We feel calmer and relaxed. When we are calm and we feel good we automatically have more energy. We can say that we have more energy because we are building our muscles, that is true as well, but the very reason for the energy is broader. We can achieve a very high level of energy without exercising. It is how we feel that determines whether we feel energetic or not. When we are in a funky mood we find that somehow, no matter what we do, we get tired very easily. We often wake up feeling tired. On the other hand when we feel awesome the energy flows through us. We feel like we can do absolutely anything and everything.

The key here is that exercises can take us from that funky mood and make us feel amazing. As we concentrate on the movements and the moment we are in, we relax and we leave everything behind. When we finish, we feel like we have had some great therapy or listened to meditation.

I used to be a personal trainer in Australia and I know how amazing we feel after we exercise. They say that exercise is good for us. It is! It works on our body and our mind at the same time. But…here is something very important to consider. If someone forces themselves to do exercises is it going to work for them in the same way?

I met a man in my gym who hated every single moment of it. He was forced by a doctor to exercise for his health. Do you think he lasted? Of course not! In a case like that, when we really need to exercise because it is crucial to our wellbeing we need to create some fun. Make it so interesting and treat it like a game, and create so much fun that you become eager to experience it. One of the fun things I did was to give a cool name to my gym. You see I don’t go to a gym, I go to a Superhero Academy. That name makes me and everyone else laugh and that is a great start to my fun time.

So, is exercise good for us and our minds? It is awesome! It makes us feel good and when we look at our bodies getting more toned and more shapely we feel better.

So, have fun with the game of exercising!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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