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Encouragement is extremely important to our success. The most powerful is the one that we give to ourselves. It is noticing the little positive changes in our lives and pat ourselves on the back for them. Even for the smallest ones. It is important to notice them now and acknowledge them as this will speed up our accomplishments. Like they say success breeds success. It is so true! Why? Because, we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we notice every little change for better it makes us feel good. When we feel good we create more of the little things. Before we know it those little things change into bigger achievements.

We need to give ourselves more credit for what we do. We need to see how special and amazing we are. We can have others telling us that, but we really need to feel it, for it to take a true affect in our lives. The person who needs to hear that the most is YOU! The person who needs to be the kindest to you is YOU! That is why it is so crucial to encourage ourselves on our journeys. All the great things were created when people did just that.

Do you realize how many times Carol Benz had to push the first world car back to his shed before he drove it? How possible was it to have a carriage to go by itself without a horse? But, he kept at it and the only encouragement he had was from himself. Because of that we travel in luxury in the speed that is far exceeding a horse gallop.

What about Wright Brothers? We were told that if God wanted us to fly would give us wings. But the Wright Brothers like Carol Benz encouraged themselves and now we can travel all over the world in the matter of hours instead of weeks or even months.

Only you know how incredible you are and what you are capable of doing! Whether we are talking about the great world inventions or creating amazing relationships, or getting the next client. The most important person that you need encouragement from is YOU. When you notice the smallest achievement and you pat yourself on the back often you will discover that you are more amazing than you have ever thought you were. You will uncover greatness in yourself beyond your wildest dreams. Do you know what is going to happen next? Your achievements will match it!

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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