We might set for ourselves amazing goals, go for our dreams, but we will never truly achieve our true potential without understanding our true power!

The big point that I am making is that no matter what you think in your wildest dreams how powerful you are, you are not even scratching the surface of your true potential. How often we were told not to set unrealistic goals. Be realistic! - that is what we heard over and over. Think about it. How realistic was it to have a horseless carriage, that now our everyday car? How realistic was it for very heavy objects, that now today’s planes to fly? How about sending pictures, voice and information through the air to other people that we now casually do on our smart phones? The list goes on and on… But if you asked people in the nineteenth century about all of that, they all would have told us that it was not possible. It was unrealistic! Get real! That is what they would say.

So, now when we look at the power of our minds we hear the same opinions. It is unrealistic! Get real! You are living in the real world! That is not possible! What would happen if the people who invented electricity, a light bulb, a car, a plane, computers, smart phones, etc., listened to those comments telling them that it cannot be done? We would still think that the carriage is the top achievement and we cannot transport without horses. There would be no progress!!! Only when we are open minded and ready to search for more we can move forward.

At this very moment the technology is changing the world every single moment. Our lives become more and more comfortable. But that does not mean easier. Maybe physically easier, but emotionally? That is the big point. We are now looking at technology to fix everything for us. As our lives progress we are more and more looking for something else to take care of everything for us. The most powerful thing that we are leaving behind are our minds and development of them beyond our present capabilities. For that we need people like YOU who are open minded to the new never explored possibilities. You are an open minded person, because you are reading this blog.

So, let’s go into the mystery of our minds. What is it that we can do when we use the true potential of the mind?

We can heal incurable diseases. I healed mine and many of my clients healed theirs. You can read many testimonials on my website. But we also can heal others. You might stop here for a while and think. I can understand healing myself, but others? Yes, others! That is how powerful YOU ARE! We can heal others and our pets. I just had a question on one of my videos on YouTube, where a lady was asking me how to heal her dog. I gave her very simple instructions that she followed. She just answered me back on YouTube that she healed her dog. Wow! I hear this over and over from people who healed their beloved pets and every single time I have tears in my eyes. That person who has done the healing tapped into the power that he/she already have.

How about professional careers and businesses? We can create clients, contracts etc. We can create jobs for ourselves. Really? Yes! My clients have done it.

How about changing other people? Again, we have heard many times that we can change ourselves, but others? Well, our power goes far, far beyond what we can imagine. Yes, we can change others! Every client that I had has changed another person in a certain way. People have changed their spouses, children, employers and employees, etc.

How about creating great things for others? Can we do that too? Yes, we can! We can create jobs for others, create perfect partners for others, create grades at school for our children, create friends for others etc.

Some of those things might seem impossible. But what is an unrealistic goal? The one we cannot imagine. People in the nineteenth century thought that it was impossible to fly, have a horseless carriage, etc. For the time being we think that it is impossible for us to have that kind of power. As long as we think that it is unrealistic it will be impossible. When we open our minds and exercise the idea we will find that all the things that I mentioned there are just an entry level into things that our mind can do.

What is it that my clients and I create that goes far beyond what I have just mentioned in this blog. The things that my clients manifest are so incredible that I cannot even write about them here. That would simply sound too fantastic.

See, as long as we think something is impossible it stays impossible. But when we open our minds and explore the possibilities we find in awe the truth that there is nothing impossible for us. We can literally do ANYTHING!

That is how powerful YOU ARE! When we realize our true power, the goals and the dreams we had become so small comparing to what it is that we can truly do.

So, think about it. The understanding of our mind power is far behind the development of technology. But…what if our minds overpass the technology? What if our mind power replaces the technology… What our world and our lives would look like?

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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