When we operate a computer, we find ourselves adding new programs and new devices, etc. We have the default settings of the original programs that we build on to personalize it. We adjust setting to our liking to make things more colorful and more interesting. Sometimes, we might go with the trend and keep adding things to our programing just because everyone else does. We might add so many things that after a while we find out that everything becomes complicated. But…there is one great thing that we always know. Whatever happens we can always go back to the default settings. We can start with a clean slate that is the basic program and build on it in a different way. Now, we have an experience and because of that we look at things in a new way. We are wise about what it is that we want to do.

We work on the same principle. We all have a basic program that we build on. We might add to it some cultural and trending things, because we think that we should be and do something else. Sometimes we can add so much that, things become so complex and after a while we are trying to find our way through the maze of things that are borrowed from everywhere. We might try to find ourselves somewhere underneath all the weight of the extra things that we have taken on. And…one day…we might sit and wonder…who we are… Who is the real me? How can I be truly happy? How can I enjoy every moment of my life? Is it possible for me to do what I truly love? Can I have more fun in my life?

Well…there is great news!!! We all have the default program and we can go back to it whenever we want!!! We can go back to who we really are! But…the question is: Who are we, really? And…how can we go back to our default settings?

The answer to both questions is simpler and easier than we realize. In order for us to go back to our default settings we need to feel love. We need to feel love on a completely new level. We need to feel love for ourselves and for others. We need to concentrate on feeling of love as often as we can and as intense as we can. Something fascinating happens when we do that. We become calmer. When we feel love we automatically become calm. The calmer we are the more we realize that things are simpler in our lives than we thought. They only appeared complexed. As we are staying with the feeling of love, we come to a conclusion that astonishes us. Everything is easier than we thought it was. Our lives become fun, simple and easy.

Could that be so simple? Yes!!! Everything is simple when we realize who we really are. When we realize what is our default program.

What is our default program? And… who are YOU?

You are LOVE. PURE LOVE. That is your default!!! You are born knowing only love. You love yourself and you love everyone and everything with all the strength of your little heart. You only see and hear and want love. You look for fun everywhere and you find it in everything. You make everyone feel so good, because you look at them through love. You see beauty in everyone and everything and you are in awe with your discoveries. You look at the world with passion and fascination. All you want to know is what fun you can discover in the next thing that you do. And…then…you grow up… What does it mean that you grow up? It means that you start adding to your default programing. But…remember? You can go back to your default settings. You can become that little child that looks at everything through the eyes of his/her heart. And…when you do that…when you truly do that…when you truly feel love for everyone and everything… something fascinating happens. You know who you are!!! You know your purpose! And…as a byproduct your life becomes simple, easy and fun! It becomes truly Magical!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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