When we talk about the power of our mind we always think about using it to create something important and something serious. Very rarely do we think about using that incredible potential that we have to create something funny. I am going to tell you a cute story about using your mind to create something for fun.

This is one of the funniest things that I have ever created.

One day, I was sitting on a lounge next to the pool typing on my Surface. It was early afternoon and my dog was sleeping next to me. It was the rainy season, so with lots of rain comes the mosquitos. Suddenly, I heard a mosquito buzzing, flying over my naked feet and over my dog. Way, way back, my reaction would be “normal” as when we see mosquitos we become serious about them. But now, my view of everything is so incredibly different. I look for fun in everything. I looked at the mosquito and I sent love to her. I said in my mind; I love you, sit here with us on the lounge and have fun. I had a picture in my mind of the mosquito flying down and landing on the lounge next to us. As soon as I did that, the mosquito girl flew down and set on the lounge exactly where I wanted her to sit. And there we were; my dog, mosquito and I, sitting on a lounge and enjoying the nice warm afternoon. I kept typing and mosquito stayed there for around twenty minutes, and then she flew away. I had so much fun creating this cute situation!


Another story:

I love doing laps in my pool and I swim 1 km at a time. It was warm outside so, after a few minutes my dog went inside the house to cool down. My husband was watching sports and I kept swimming by myself. I thought to myself that it would be nice to have company. I put a thought in my mind that I have the company of an animal and I laughed as that thought made me feel good. It was funny! As soon as I pictured that, a little gecko run towards the edge of the pool, at the deep end of it, and set there, looking at me. As I swam closer to it, the little guy stayed there watching me. As I swam away, he lifted his body and his head as high as possible, so he could still see me. That was so cute! I swam for around 40 minutes and he stayed there all the time. The next day, as I was walking into the pool I was looking for the little gecko. Where was he? I started swimming towards the deep end and I put in my mind that the little gecko comes to see me. As soon as I thought that and put the picture of him in my mind, I saw him running towards the edge of the pool. He sat in the same spot looking at me. I laughed. I created my gecko friend showing up! How cool was that?! It has been three weeks now. Every time I go to the pool the little gecko runs towards the edge of it and sits there as I swim. Every time! Why? Because I create it! It is so much fun!

When we use our power for fun, our lives becomes so much more enjoyable. It is fascinating how much easier it is to create something that is fun. Why? Because, we feel good and we only create what we want when we feel good.

What is the difference between the mosquito, the gecko and other people in our lives? The principal of creating them is the same. The difference lays in how we feel. When we have as much fun creating them as creating the mosquito and the gecko we will have the same great results. It is transforming the seriousness into fun. In other words we need to have some serious fun!

So, when you have fun with everything you do, your life is going to become truly Magical!

(The picture you see in this blog is the little gecko sitting on a branch of the hibiscus bush next to the pool.)

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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