For us to be truly happy and to achieve more, we need to cross a line of what we call “being normal”. Being normal is being average. What does it mean to be average? If you take all the people in the world, including the most successful and the ones that are at the bottom together, it will give you an average.

The true excitement in our lives comes from crossing the line of being typical. We want more! We want life that is exciting, fun and easy! The truth is, it is supposed to be all of that!

So, how do we move up from the pack into something truly special?

We need to start from the point that matters. We need to start from ourselves. We are creating everything in our lives. We are creating our lives being average or amazing. We are the starting point in our fantastic journey to the promised land of “beyond the common”. In order to cross the line of “being average”, we need to completely change how we think about ourselves. You are reading this blog because you already know that there is something so incredibly special about you and you are looking for a way to tap into the genius that is in you. We are like a diamond in the rough, often feeling that we are more than we portrait, but at the same time just barely grasping our true potential. If we want to cross the line of “being normal”, we need to tap into the genius that is in us. How do we do that? By seeing ourselves in a completely new light. We need to see ourselves in a new way. It means, continuously we tell ourselves how incredibly special we are. We need to pat ourselves on the back often. Very often! And…we need to realize that we are learning, so when we create something different from what we desired we need be very kind to ourselves. If we want to go from ordinary to extraordinary in our language, when we speak to ourselves, it needs to reflect it. We need to tell ourselves only beautiful things. An extraordinary person, YOU, deserves exceptional words. If we want to cross the line of “being average” the way we treat ourselves has to move beyond that line first. To become the brilliance that we are, it is essential that we see it in us by respecting and loving ourselves. In other words we need to tell ourselves how special and how incredible we are. All the time!!! Then, we need to behave like a super extraordinary person. We need to treat everyone and everything as we treat ourselves, with lots of love and respect. Speak only beautiful words to others, be patient and calm and pat others on the back often.

It might take us a while to fully cross that line of “being normal”, but the rewards are beyond anything we can even imagine in our wildest dreams. The best news is as we move forward to crossing that line, our lives will keep adjusting accordingly, becoming more and more magical!

Remember, you are an extraordinary person already, because you are reading this blog! You just need to take your phenomenal, brilliant potential to a completely new level.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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