Sometimes, we create something that is different from the desired outcome. At that moment we have two choices. We can look at what we created and see it as the final outcome or we can put in our mind the perfect scenario. We are more powerful than we can imagine in our wildest dreams.

Let me give you some examples.

One of my clients who is a financial advisor, had a lady client investing money with her only to pull it out an hour later. I told my client to feel lots of love for the lady and picture in her mind that she puts her money back. The next morning the lady called her and put all the money back. My other client tried to sell her condo for a while. I told her to feel love for it. She did that and relaxed about it and got an offer in a matter of an hour. Another client, a real estate agent got a phone call that the buyers for her listing changed their mind about purchasing the home. My client called me telling me what took place. I asked her to feel lots of love for the house and the buyers. Three hours later she texted me that the buyers were going ahead with purchasing the home. I can keep going with the examples, but the key here is how we feel about what it is in front of our eyes.

So, if we created something different than what we wanted we need to put in our mind the picture of the perfect outcome. We need to feel love for the people and other things that are important for the situation. When we feel love we automatically become calm and calmness is the key to creating what we desire.

Always remember, everything is final if you think it is. When you change how you feel you can create the desired outcome.

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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