Is it possible to create a day where things happen the way we want? Yes, it is!

How do we go about it?

First, we need to realize that we are creating everything in our lives. Nothing depends on others but everything is up to us. How cool is that!

Then, we need to be aware that in order to have that perfect day, we need to have a right mindset. In simple words it means that we need to feel good as feelings create everything. When we feel love and gratitude we feel good. We really need to pay attention to how we feel throughout the entire day. The easiest way to stay in that right mindset is to feel love and gratitude towards everyone and everything. Before you speak to someone feel love for them. Before you pick up your phone to call someone, or answer a call, feel love for that person first. As you pick up an object, feel love for it. When you finish using it, feel gratitude for the service it provided. Say, I love you and, thank you, all day long. Do you know what is going to happen? In a short period of time you are going to feel incredible! The more amazing you feel the more wonderful things you are going to manifest. Suddenly, your boss will praise you, your colleagues will say kind words and do nice things for you. Your spouse will be affectionate and sweet, your children will behave, etc. If you truly do that all day long you will be in awe of how incredible your day is. When you repeat it every single day, you will find your life being truly amazing. Your business will start growing rapidly, you will get a dream job or promotion, your relationships will be wonderful, etc. That’s how simple it is!

The most important thing to remember, is, that you need to treat yourself the way you treat everyone and everything around you. So, appreciate yourself, feel love for yourself. Feel lots of love for everyone and everything and be grateful for the smallest thing. When you do that diligently, things will be going your way and your life will become truly magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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