We were told many times that we can change ourselves, but we can’t change other people. The power of our minds goes far beyond what we can imagine in our wildest dreams and…yes, we can change others. We can create amazing relationships where there were none. We can take any person and change them. I have clients who have changed their present partners, ex-partners, children, bosses, employees, etc. I have people who had their family members addicted to drugs and alcohol who no longer use them. Even though I have not met those people, I just taught my clients how to think to change them.

I am going to give you a great example.

One of my clients had an employee who was doing a good job, but she had a difficult personality and there were always complaints from her clients and other employees. We always create everything by the way we feel, so it is very important to change how we feel about the person that we want to change. I told my client to feel lots of love for her employee. Any time she had a negative feeling about her, she was changing it to a feeling of love. She also put in her mind how she would like her employee to behave. The employee started to get better and better. Not long after, my client told me that she had a perfect employee. She was amazed that she could change that person so much.

You see, we can change anyone when we change how we feel about them. When we change negative feelings, including worries, into love and we start seeing them the way we would like them to be, amazing things happen. Suddenly, new wonderful relationships are created…and we live a magical life.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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