Recently, I went inside a beautiful aviary in a nature park where I heard a hilarious conversation between two colorful parrots. One of them shouted: “Father!” and the second one answered: “What?” They repeated it a few times and then the first parrot changed it to: “Mom!” and the second one answered: “What?” It was simply hilarious! As they were carrying on their funny conversation, a lady who works there explained to me that those parrots were brought from a private home now to live in this beautiful aviary.

Sometimes, we wish we could change ourselves and our children. We were told so many times that we can only change ourselves. The great news is that we can change ourselves and we can create our children as well. How awesome is that?

I am going to give you a great example.

One of my client’s grandson, a little 3 year boy is autistic. Wherever my client or his parents took him, he was screaming as he found it to be a big challenge being around other people. I told my client that she can change her little grandson. She applied the tools that I gave her and every time she came to see me, she told me that he was getting better and better. Just recently, she informed me that they took him to Disney World. You know how many people are in Disney World especially at this time of the year. The little boy went from a ride to a ride enjoying himself. He even stood in line for 90 minutes waiting for a ride! My client was amazed! But…the biggest thing was when she said that he sat on Santa’s lap and told him what he wanted for Christmas. That was so huge!!! She was in awe realizing how powerful we are. So powerful that we can change other precious little life and make it so much better.

Think about it…if we can change a little autistic child to enjoy his life and have lots of fun…we can change any life that we want and take it to a new amazing level.

So, what is it that I told my client?

We have labels put on our children. We are told that they are autistic, ADD, or they are just teenagers or they smoke, drink, use drugs, etc. The great news is that we create everything in our lives. We create other people as well. When we have a label put on our children we expect them to act accordingly. As we always create what we expect and when we are told that teenagers act in a particular way, or certain conditions are permanent, we expect our children to behave in that precise way. Until…we start expecting something different. When we start expecting that our children are well behaved, that they are brilliant, perfectly healthy emotionally and we stay consistent with those expectations, something incredible happens. They change! They get great marks at school, they behave themselves, they act as perfectly normal children and enjoy their lives for the first time on a new magnificent level.

So, peel all the labels and see your children healthy, happy and having magnificent lives, whether they are still little children or adults.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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