We all would like wonderful opportunities to come our way. But the truth is that we create them. It is our mindset that determines if have them in our lives.

I was driving one day and I noticed a big grass plant growing on the side of a concrete median on a very busy state route. I was amazed. That plant was growing in a place between the concrete of the median and the asphalt of the road. But it was not just growing, it was flourishing! It was big! I had to take a picture of it, so that you see it in this blog. Where was the opportunity for this seed that fell on the road? Where was the cozy soil that could nurture that seed into a beautiful plant? That seed created its own opportunity and made that place a perfect one for itself. It grew big. Bigger than many other grass plants that grow in rich soil. It was its determination to succeed. It was the passion for life. It was beyond survival. That plant grew big and beautiful. I passed it many times and I saw many beautiful purple grass flowers on it. The picture was taken after they bloomed. For that plant to grow that big and have flowers is incredible when we consider where it is growing. But is it really incredible? We would say that nature is amazing and it always finds a way. It will always create its own opportunities.

What about us? Can we create our own opportunities? Of course, we can, when we have the right mindset. My client wanted to get a specific job in the banking industry. He got an interview. He played in this mind how he would like the interview to go. He scripted a perfect scenario. He told me that it went exactly as he scripted. So, did you get the job? - I asked him. He answered. “I did, they just don’t know it yet.” Wow! Do you think he got a job? Of course he did! With his mindset it was a given! He KNEW in his mind that the job was his.

We always create what it is that we expect. If we expect that all the opportunities are there we will create them. When we think that things always go our way and they are easy and we believe in our minds that this is what is going to take place – that is a good start. But when we know it, when we truly know that amazing opportunities are there for us, then and only then we will create them.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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  1. Hi Amanda! love your article and will share on my Facebook page! How are you doing? Me and Vickie are doing awesome! Have a very Merry Christmas and and extronanary Happy New Year!

    1. I am honored by your comment! Thank you for sharing! I am so happy that you are doing awesome. I am doing absolutely Magical! Magical Christmas to you both and the best New Year in your life! Love! xxoo 🙂

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