Whatever we might think about money, it is a crucial part of our lives. Someone said that it is somewhere on the same level with oxygen. We need money to sustain ourselves and our families and we want money in order to have more fun. We also would like to have money so we could bring happiness into other people’s lives, take care of animals, etc.

What does determine how much money we make? It is our mindset.

In order to have more money we need to see in our mind that we already have an abundance of it. When we make money what is our thinking process? As soon as some money comes, do we assign it to the first necessity that we need to pay and wonder how we are going to pay for the next one? Or do we look at the money that we have just earned and feel gratitude for it? Then pay for the first thing we need to pay and feel relaxed as we know more is coming. Do we expect to have some money left over at the end of the month that we can use for what we want or put in savings for a fun thing to buy? That is the huge difference!!! How we look at money is the key to making more of it.

It is very important that we feel calm about money. When we are calm we create more of it. As soon as possible we need to accumulate 3-6 month worth of all our expenses. This will take our calmness to the next level as we now have money behind us. It is extremely important that we live within our means. That applies to our daily lives and our businesses as well. Whatever you want to buy for your business, your company needs to be able to pay for it. All those things that I mentioned are crucial for us to create calmness. The calmer we are the more money we are going to make.

When we have an appointment with a client or whatever we do in our profession it is very important that at the very moment we do it we concentrate on the fun we are having. We count the money after.

Let me explain.

Let’s take a person who is an insurance agent. That person is on a way to an appointment. On the way that person has a picture in their mind that it is a SALE. They already have an application signed in their mind. It is a done deal! As they walk into the house their full attention is on the presentation and educating the new client. In their mind they already see the person they are going to talk to as a client. Remember? It is a done deal! As the agent is sitting in front of the client they have fun with the whole process. Because, they have fun they are calm and they make a sale. When they go to their car in their mind they pat themselves on the back. Now, driving to the next appointment they can count how much commission they made. They get excited about it and repeat the whole scenario again. It is important that we concentrate on one thing at the time. This way we focus on what we do and have fun doing it. As a result we make more and more money.

There is one more thing that we need to do in order to be calm about money. It is important what we look at. So, all the bills need to be put out of our sight. Put them in a draw until they are due. On the other hand, leave some money laying around. This way you will see it all the time. That will create the feeling of abundance that we need in order to create more. If we want to make more money we need to feel that we have it already.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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