Look at the picture of the painting for this blog. What is that you see? You see two knights with a sword and a huge red dragon. How would you interpret it? What is going on? How do you see the situation?

Different people will have different descriptions of the situation. But, as we grow in our feeling of love and become truly calm, our narratives of everything changes. We see things in a completely new unique way.

So, when we feel lots of love and we are truly calm this will be one of the possible scenarios that we would have. Two knights found a magic sword and they are investigating its power. They want to discover the potential the sword has, so they can put it into good use. As the magic sword attracts the most incredible power of nature, lightning and thunder, the noise wakes up a huge red friendly dragon. The dragon runs towards the sound and he pops out from behind rocks, curious to see what is going on. The two knights and the dragon are fascinated, watching in awe what is happening with the sword.

It is very important how we see every situation. We have a power to change and reshape circumstances we are in. Always remember, everything is only final when we think it is. But, if after three minutes we decide that want to change it, we can. We need to put in our mind how we would like that situation to be. What would be the desired outcome? Then, we need to script that situation in our minds and see it happening in a perfect way. I was told by some people that they have been looking for a job for a while. One of my clients got a job on the spot. After working there for a short period of time, she decided that she would like to get something closer to her home. She applied for another job, came on the interview and she got it on the spot, again. What is the difference between her and the other people? The way she sees everything. She feels so much love and gratitude and as a result she is very calm and she sees potential and opportunities everywhere. So, when she had an interview, she expected to get the job, right on the spot, and she did. She sees herself as a very valuable and sought after employee, and she expects to get the job that she wants. She sees herself as an extremely special person who deserves the best. She scripts a perfect scenario in her mind and she creates it. Including her perfect partner.

When we see that we deserve things. When we see kindness, love, opportunities and abundance of everything everywhere, we create exactly that. When we see good knights with a huge red friendly dragon having fun with a magic sword, we create a fairy tale around us. And…before we know it, our lives become easy and fun…and truly magical!

The enchanted painting was created by my son, Mark.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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