What makes a great athlete? There are a few attributes that are important for someone to become a great athlete. First, they have to have a talent. They need to have the wiliness to work on that talent. It means that they need to train to develop it and grow to new levels. They have a talent and passion for the sport of their choosing, but now they need to work on it to bring it to a professional level. They need to train every day in order to get stronger and more skillful in their discipline. They need to keep training until they become a Master at it. And even then, when they are very good at it they still train on a daily basis to sustain the skills that they already have and keep growing. When we watch professional players, we expect them to be on a high level of performance.

The same applies to the power of our mind. Like the athletes we need to have the talent. The great news is that we ALL have that talent already!!! We need to be passionate about it and be willing to grow it. We need to train our mind on a daily basis like athletes do, in order to develop the skills that are necessary. We need to continue to grow until we Master them. If we want to have great results we need to be on their professional level. We expect athletes to be professional when they play in the major leagues. We also need to keep training to sustain the skills that we have and grow them.

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel. When we feel good we create what we desire. Feelings of love, gratitude and fun make us feel good. So, we need to apply them on a daily basis to become good. Like athletes, we need to train daily. Even the best athletes need to maintain their daily routine of training if they want stay in shape and perform well. Actually, the very reason they are so good is because they keep the daily training routine. The same applies to the power of our mind. We need to feel love for ourselves and others on daily basis to become good at it. When we do that we see more and more beauty in ourselves and everyone else. We need to feel gratitude on daily basis, so we can appreciate more and more of all that we have. And above all what makes a great athlete? When you really look closely at them, you will notice that the best of them have fun playing. We need to be like them and have fun with everything that we do.

Consistency is the key! Doing those crucial things every day! Over and over. That is the only way we will become really good at using the power of our minds and this is the only way that we are going to create the calmness that is needed in creating the life of our dreams… and sustaining it! And…then taking it even to higher levels…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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