There is something about children and dogs that makes us feel so good. Advertising agencies know that if you want to make a lasting impression on your viewers and consumers, using little children and puppies in the ads will do the trick.

Let’s think about it for a moment. What is it about them that makes us feel good? First, they love everyone. A little child will smile and go with everyone until they are told otherwise. A dog will wag his tail for everyone. They show their love openly…and they have lots of it. They have very interesting characteristics. When a child learns how to walk they will get up again and again…until they walk perfectly. Some scientists say that a child gets up over 900 times before he/she will master the art of walking. Imagine an adult doing the same thing. If we as adults were to learn how to walk and we needed to make over 900 attempts we all would probably walk on all four. Why? Because, a child has a different approach to it. A child has fun with it!!! And…finally, a child walks!!! The fascinating thing is that throughout the entire 900 attempts children felt how amazing they were. Why? Because, all that mattered was the fun that they had.

Dogs have the same approach. They think they are awesome as well. The truth is that they are!!! They make us feel so incredibly special. They have a completely different approach to everything than we human adults have. If we were busy with something and we stepped on the paw of our dog, the dog will react in a completely different way than an adult would. Would the dog ever say this? You stepped on my paw and I will wag my tail for you a week from now. That will teach you a lesson. Instead, the dog comes to us and wags his tail like he wanted to say. It’s OK. I am OK. I love you. Little children and dogs always think that THEY are awesome and WE are amazing. They love us always.

What if we could take the same approach? What if we could look at this World through a child’s and a dog’s eyes? What would this World look like?

Let exercise this idea for a moment. If we were to look at this World from a child and the dog perspectives we would discover new fascinating things. We would expect that everyone loves us. We would have more fun in our day than ever before. We would keep doing things until we get it done. We would be surprised by how many amazing people are in our lives. We would be in a moment having fun and expecting only more. We would laugh at ourselves and take life as being easy and fun. We would imagine things and expect them to happen. Etc.

We always create what we expect. What if we were expecting things like little children and dogs? We would find out that our lives can be easy and fun.

That is how simple it is!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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