When we start our business we need to realize that we are paid for the results. The hourly rates apply only when we work for someone else. So, the key is to become very efficient in a short period of time. To build a successful business we need to remember two simple but crucial things. We are either in front of the client or we are looking for a new client. So, if we are servicing a client or selling to that client, etc., that is great. In  another way we are looking for a new client. We need to have clients to have a successful business. The more clients we have the more money we are going to make. That is why it is extremely important that we are continuously looking for new clients. Even when we have lots of clients we always need to look ahead. We need to have clients for the next and the next month. When we constantly bring new clients we will have a steady income that is increasing. We can find new clients in many ways. Depending on your business the methods may vary, but one of the very good and easy ways is networking. In every city you will find networking groups where business professionals come together to promote their business and learn about other businesses. I have started my business from networking. That is how I got my first clients. There is a very simple and extremely effective way to network. When you approach a person introduce yourself by giving your name only. It is crucial that you ask them about their business first!!! The simple question is: What do you do? Then, you let the other person talk as long as they want. When they finish wait to see if they ask you about your business. If they stay silent or walk away you look for the next person to talk to. Remember, only when people are interested in asking about your business will they be willing to listen to what you say. The quality of the contact is what matters. You might only talk to a small number of people but you will find it being productive. When people are interested in what you do, offer them a free consultation and when they agree to take the advantage of it, make the appointment right at that very moment. Then thank them and move to another person. I used to have my own networking group for one year and besides other things I was teaching how to network. I had people approaching me later and telling me how their businesses increased by following this very simple scenario. The very key element of it was making the appointment on the spot. It is very important that you go to those networking regularly. This way you are building relationships. You will find that you will be making appointments with people who you meet for the first time but many appointments will come from those who you know for a while.

Another extremely important thing in building a successful business is that you return any phone calls or texts the same day or at the latest the following day. That is professionalism that is required for any business. It means that you are reliable. If you say that you will do something always keep your promise.

Keep improving your skills and your knowledge that is related to your business and your success.

It is extremely important that your business is your passion. In other words, you love what you do. This way you have fun every day. When we have fun we feel good and we create the desired outcome.

Expect that you are successful. We always create what we expect. Expect that things go easy for you and every contact you have is an appointment and a new client.

When you do all of that you will keep increasing your business and the income will follow.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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