When we look at ourselves in the mirror, what is it that we see? Do we smile or do we feel like we want to turn our heads away?

What we see in the mirror does not come from our outside appearance. It comes from what we feel inside. It is not what we look like, it is what we feel about ourselves.

There was a very interesting experiment described in one of the books of Max Maxwell. Many women who had plastic surgery performed in order to restore their beauty, were still hiding their faces in spite of the fact that they looked amazing. It was fascinating to discover that even after very successful procedures that make them beautiful, they still covered their faces with their hair as nothing has ever changed. Why nothing has changed? Because, the beauty comes from inside not from outside. Only when we change how we feel about ourselves can we bring the amazing qualities that we already possess.

How do we bring out the best in ourselves?

The most important thing that works like a charm is to love ourselves more. It might be the first time we start feeling love for ourselves or maybe we love ourselves already, but no matter how much love we feel we are just at the very beginning of our journey. Love for ourselves is the key to bringing forth the best in us. Here, I want to clarify something very important. The true love for ourselves means seeing how amazing and special we are. It comes from the heart. When it comes from the heart, the more we see ourselves as special the more beauty we see in others. Loving ourselves means that we stop criticizing ourselves and as a result we stop criticizing others. We pat ourselves on the back often and we do the same to others.

Do you see the interesting pattern here? What we feel towards ourselves, is what shows towards others. It all starts with ourselves! So, if we want to bring out the best in ourselves, we need to love ourselves like never before. The more we love ourselves the more amazing person we become. We become calm and patient towards ourselves and when dealing with others. We become more understanding and inspiring. And…before we know it…others look up to us. We are like a sunshine that walks into a room and brightens it, positively affecting everyone who is present there. Everyone wants to be around us, listen to us, learn from us and we touch other people’s lives in a very special way. And all that happens because we feel love for ourselves like we have never felt before.

So…feel more love, than feel more love…than feel more love…and after that…keep going!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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