Do you realize that what you think and feel about yourself makes a huge difference in your success?

I am going to give you an interesting example. Many years ago, I used to work as an insurance agent. After doing my present business for about 3 years, I went to visit my old insurance office to say hi to my previous colleagues. I met a gentleman there that started with the company about two months ago. He was from South America and he told me that his accent was a big factor in making appointments over the phone. He said that if he was an American with an English accent then everything would be easier and he would be successful. I was born in Europe, so I smiled at him and I asked: Do I have an accent? Yes, you do, he replied. You know, I said, I used to work in this office and I was the number one agent with my accent. You just need to believe in yourself. It is what you have to offer that counts. It is you expecting that they want to see you and you already have an appointment even before you call them. That is what makes you successful. Besides, you can speak Spanish, so you can talk to people who speak different languages. You have more advantages than me and you just need to see them.

What really sells you and your success is your passion for what you do. We love to see people in action who are passionate about their profession. We feel very comfortable to become their clients as we feel that we are in good hands.

The same applies to every aspect of our lives. We need to believe that we are worthy of having amazing relationships. We need to believe that we can heal ourselves even from incurable diseases. We need to see the amazing things about ourselves before we can experience them in our lives.

The key is understanding of our power. Realizing that whatever we want to achieve we can have it. We need to be able to imagine something different if we want a change. If we want to make an appointment we need to be able to imagine that someone wants our services. If we want a very special relationship we need to be able to see in our mind what this relationship looks like. It is very important to go for what we really want. What would it look like if it was perfect? What would it feel like when we are healthy? We need to put the pictures of the desired outcomes in our minds over and over until we start believing that we can achieve them.

Here, it is a very interesting fact. In order to create what we desire we need to go beyond belief. We need to have faith in ourselves. What creates that faith? The same picture of the desired outcome in our mind…just repeated more often.

Whatever you think about your power…in your wildest dreams…you are barely scratching the surface of your true potential. That is the truth about YOU!!!!

…you just need to see it…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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