The last time I was on TV, I met a wonderful lady who was another guest on the show. It was her first appearance on TV and she was very nervous. I told her that she would be perfect as both hosts of the show are amazing and they make you feel at ease. And I told her something very important. I explained to her what perfect meant. Perfect does not mean that you recite everything with no flaws. It means that we are ourselves. I told her about my discovery that I have made a long time ago. I had numerous seminars all over the country and I spoke many times. I learned very quickly that for us to relate to others, we have to be ourselves! So, if I said something that did not come out exactly the way I intended, I laughed at myself and corrected it. The audience laughed with me and at the end I got a standing ovation.

How does this relate to our lives?

In our day to day life, the most important thing is to be ourselves. I have heard many times people saying that I would like to be him or her. The only reason we say that is because we don’t see how special and unique we are. If we are trying to be someone else, it is like we are putting on a costume that does not fit us at all. We come across very artificial and actually the result is opposite to the one we intended. Only when it we come from our hearts, from who we are, the authenticity comes forward and we get accepted, appreciated, loved, etc. Being perfect is being ourselves!

But that does not mean that we stay who we are at this moment. We all should have a role model, someone we revere. Someone with a huge personality and authenticity that we want to “copy”. I put “copy” in comas as we never can and want to copy someone literally. We want to take the best of their qualities, put our own personal spin on them and make them our own. We enhance our individuality, not replace it. We take who we are to a new and another new level, becoming better and a more amazing person. We never stop doing that. We become someone new, someone even more special, but at the end it is still us! We become an enhanced version of us. We amplify our best qualities and minimize the others or even eliminate them. It is not like we are building ourselves from scratch. We are just taking all the beauty that was in us already and bring it to the front.

Let me tell you a story that will illustrate what I mean.

Michael Angelo created an amazing sculpture.

A young boy looked at the masterpiece and said to the artist;

“You made a very beautiful sculpture.”

“I have not made the sculpture”, Michael Angelo replied. “The sculpture was already there. I just removed the rough edges.”

You see, we are that sculpture, that beauty, that uniqueness, that special person that is already there. By being ourselves and adopting great attributes of our role models we shine. We bring forth the true us that was always there, but we were never aware of it!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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