What does it mean to you to be the best?

When asked that question we would have different responses. Some of them will be: being the best parent, the best business owner, the best employee, the best partner, the best son or daughter, etc., or simply being the best person we can be. The very interesting fact is that when we strive toward being the best person we create everything else in our lives is a success.

But what does it really mean to be the best person? What would be the characteristics of that kind of personality? Someone who is loving and caring? Would that be enough? We might say it is. But we know many people who are loving and caring and yet when we look at some of them we find out that they wish that their lives would be different. They would like to be more successful. I have people telling me that they are good people and wondering why their lives differ from what they truly desire. They do so much for others and yet, their true situation has lots to be wish for. Why does it happen to good people?

The explanation is very simple. It has everything to do with how they feel. The key is how they feel at this very moment. Generally, they have lots of love, but we create everything by how we feel at that moment. If in this moment we wonder how we are going to pay the bills or wonder if someone is going to be fine, we create things opposite to what we desire. Being a good person and being a calm person are two different things. Calmness is the key to success! When a good person becomes a calm person the success in all aspects of their lives will increase rapidly. It all comes down to how we feel at that very moment and the next moment. When we are calm we create what we desire. When we feel that we have money or that our situation is only temporary and money is coming, that calmness will create more money. When we feel that the other person is going to be fine and we are calm about the outcome, we will create things the way we want.

So, if you are a good person, kind loving and caring, and you become calm, things are going to go your way. When you keep that perfect picture of what you desire in your mind and get excited about it, your life will become truly magical.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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