In order for us to become successful in every aspect of our lives, we need to become a different person. We need to go beyond what we call average. We need to become extraordinary.

What does it all mean?

It means that we need to become aware of our true power. We need to realize that the power of our minds goes far beyond our wildest dreams. When we gain that knowledge and start to use it, something fascinating happens. We become more confident than we ever thought was possible. Actually, our confidence goes through the roof! As a result we start to expect things happening the way we desire. Those expectations create outcomes on a completely new level. We find ourselves being successful in our careers, relationships, etc. We create things for ourselves as well as for others. We take everything that we ever knew about ourselves to a completely new level. A level that might, at this very moment feel like it is beyond what we think we can do. But, the whole idea is to go far beyond what we usually have been.

So, the very important question is: Are you an ordinary or extraordinary person?

The answer is very simple. You are an extraordinary person! You have always been a very brilliant, extremely powerful individual! You are just learning that you are. You are discovering that everything about you is beyond average. The key is to see that brilliance in you.

When you see how incredibly amazing and special you are, your confidence will increase rapidly. So, every time you talk to yourself, say things that are consistent with the truth about you. Say only nice and uplifting things. Become a different person, by telling yourself the truth. The truth is that you are brilliant, powerful, and you are designed to live in abundance. See that in your mind over and over. When you do that…and I mean truly do that…you will become a different person. As a result…everything else will follow…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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