When we look at our lives in a different way everything changes!

Let me analyze.

We get up in the morning and go to work. Then we come home and we have many things to do. We repeat the same routine almost every day and sometimes we find that things are different than we would really like them to be. For a moment, let’s stand back and look at your life in a completely new perspective. Imagine that you are a producer and you are going to make an amazing movie. A movie that is about a person’s life. But here, you have a unique concept. How about you make that movie about one day of that person’s life. Just one day. The key to turning this idea into success is to make it really interesting. How could you make that movie of an everyday person’s life fascinating? You want your movie to be original, so it has to be something that is completely new. How about you create that one day as a very unique day? But here, it is something brilliant that you have in mind. You want it to be a movie that everyone can relate to and everyone can learn from and apply to THEIR day. It is like you are going to teach your audience how to create their own movie about one day. How would you make that day different? How about your character in the movie who makes that day very, very special? How can you make one day so special? By making it extraordinary!!! You write an amazing script that covers only one day! The person in your movie decides to have more fun in that day than ever before. Consciously, the character puts in their mind how the day is going to look like while putting emphasis on having lots of fun. From the moment the person wakes up he/she puts in their mind what the next moment is going to look like. The results of that are extraordinary! The character experiences something amazing! Everything goes their way! The day ends up to be more fun than ever anticipated. At the end of your movie the character decides to apply the same idea to the next day.

What if YOU looked at your life like a movie? What if you scripted everything? What if you consciously pictured in your mind what your next moment is going to look like? The results would be astonishing! You would find that your day would go as you expected. You will have more fun than you ever thought possible! And…when you script every day the same way…you script your entire life!

So, have lots of fun today with scripting your day…make sure you script it being Magical!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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