I am going to tell you a true story. A little boy/girl was born. When he/she became bigger they gave him/her a box to play. The little child was playing with the box for hours, making a spaceship, a car, or a house from it. The child climbed into it and had so much fun! He/she was using her imagination. Then the little child become bigger and he/she went to school, and at the school they said: Leave the day dreaming and pay attention. And…the little child’s imagination was put in a box. Then the little child grew up to become an adult and he/she went to work. And…at work they said: Leave the thinking alone and concentrate on your work. And the box of the imagination became smaller and smaller.

You see that child is YOU. Whatever it is that we want in our lives, we need to be able to imagine it first as being possible. We can only have amazing relationships when we think it is possible. But, we might say that a relationship depends on both people. The great news is that it depends ONLY on YOU! You need to be able to imagine that you can have that incredible relationship first. Then, you feel lots of love for yourself and the other person and see in your mind that you already have that perfect relationship. The same thing applies to your business, job and children’s marks at school (yes, you have the power to create them as well) and your health. It applies to everything! But it all starts with our imagination. If we think that we are the small people in the big world, then we are. But, if we truly realize how incredibly powerful we are, that we create everything in our lives, things start to develop beyond what we originally thought was possible.

So, think about it for a moment…

Can we get a perfect job, while there are hundreds of people for the same position? Yes, we can! My clients get those jobs. Can we get more clients at any time? Yes, we can! Can we win new contracts while many other professionals are trying to get them at the same time? Yes, we can! Can we have our teenagers behaving responsibly and be easy going? Yes, we can! Can we create marks at schools for our children? Yes, we can! Can we heal ourselves and others? Yes, we can! Can we…(blank)? Yes, we can! Only…if we can imagine that it is possible to do that. All the things that I have mentioned here are done over and over by my clients.

I am going to give you amazing examples.

My client, a blind lady, with only some peripheral vision, had no vision at all in the middle of her eyes. She could not see her TV set at all. Now in two months and 3 weeks she can see faces on her 36” TV screen, looking straight through the middle of her eyes. Her doctor is amazed! He asked her to keep him posted on her progress.

Another client, a lady diagnosed with MS. She started using her mind to heal herself and in a short period of time all her symptoms were gone and she was able to get back to work. She just texted me, I quote: “I saw my new neurologist yesterday…and he went over my resent MRI results with me. He keeps saying he’s in amazement. My MRI results showed some of the lesions either shrinking or disappearing.”

Do you realize how powerful you are? All you need is to grow your imagination. You need to be able to realize that you are capable of SO much more than you think. The key to that is calmness, as the calmer you are the more incredible your imagination becomes.

So, are you in or out? Are you surrounded by a fence looking out…or are you outside? The truth is that you are outside looking in…just realizing that you have always been outside. So, turn around…away from the fence and see in awe the vastness of your true potential.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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