Do you deserve the best things in life? Do you deserve to be truly happy, abundant and successful?

We all have the same answer. Yes! But…here is the thing… To really understand the question and in order to give the answer that is right for you, we need to be aware of some very important key elements. First, we create everything in our lives. I mean everything! So, whatever is that we want is up to us. Secondly, we create everything by the way we feel. We might think that we deserve great things, but do we truly feel it? Thoughts are only intensions and directions to tell us where we are going. Feelings create everything. So, in order to be deserving, we need to feel it!

Do you feel that you deserve a job that you love and that pays you great money?

Around 10 years ago the banking industry was streamlining and many people who were employed by it had to go from full-time to part-time or look for another jobs. My client wanted to get a job in a bank. How could he get a full-time job in a bank at that time? On top of it he wanted to be paid well. He wanted that job so much and he felt that he was the best person the bank could have. He got the job and he got paid much more than normally they would pay for that position. Was it truly possible for him to get the job in such circumstances? He remembered that he created everything and it was up to him to create the perfect outcome. In his mind he was the only and best choice. He felt that he deserved it and he created it.

Do you deserve to have a successful business?

When my clients start a business or they want to grow their existing businesses they often talk about competition. I always tell them that they create everything in their lives and they need to feel that they are the best. They need to feel that they are the ONLY one in their profession that can provide an incredible service. My client a Real Estate Agent was selling two houses a month for two years. When she went on my program, her sales increased rapidly. In a short period of time she became number two in her Century 21 office of 135 agents. Last year in July, she told me that in the six months she made as much money as the entire previous year. This year in April she told me that by the end of March she already made as much money as the entire last year. Just now, she told me that she is number 11 in Florida!!! There are thousands of agents in Century 21 in the state and she is in the top 11!!! Why? Because, now she feels that she deserves it!

Those two examples apply to every area of your life. Are you worthy of having money? Are you deserving to have amazing relationships? Do you deserve to be healthy and happy? If you FEEL that you do, YOU ARE!!!

When you feel that you deserve the best in every aspect of your life, you will create it and you are going to live…a Magical Life!!!

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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