There was a Christmas day and a family of three, father, mother and their fifteen year old daughter, were about to sit down to a Christmas dinner. The mother looked through the window and she saw three men sitting on a bench. It was cold and snowing and it looked like that bench was where they were going to spend that special day. The mother turned to her husband: How about we invite them for Christmas dinner? - She suggested. Her husband concurred. The lady went outside and approached the bench where the men were sitting. We are about to have Christmas dinner and we would love for you to join us - she said. The men thank her and then one of them said: But…only one of us can come. You see, I am Wealth, he is Success and he is Love - he said pointing to the other men. Go home and talk it over with your family and decide which one of us you would like to have come. The lady turned around and went back to her house and repeated to her family what the men told her. How about we invite Wealth? - She suggested. How about we invite Success? – said her husband. The fifteen year old daughter said: How about we invite Love. It is Christmas - she added. Her mother and her father looked at her. You are right - they agreed. Let’s invite Love. The lady went back outside and she approached the bench. We would love to invite you all, but if only one of you can come, we invite Love - she said. The lady turned and started to walk towards her house. Love stood up and also started walking towards her house. Then… Success stood up and started walking…and then Wealth stood up and started walking. The lady stopped and turned around. But…I thought you told me that only one of you can come - she said. And Love said: Wherever Love goes, everything else follows.

This is just a story, but this is how it works. When we feel love everything else follows.


One of my clients, who has a business that was just breaking even for 17years started my program. I advised her to feel love for her employees and the contracts that she has. Her business increased rapidly and in six months she was able put aside in her saving account over $50,000. Other client, who owns a barber shop had a hairdresser, who did beautiful haircuts, but her personality was something she really needed to change. My client’s customers loved the haircut her employee provided, but always commented on her personality. I told my client to feel love for her and everything in the shop. She followed my advice. In the matter of three weeks her employee’s personality matched her awesome haircuts. My client’s customers remarked about it. They loved the haircuts and her employee. My other client’s eight year old daughter had a situation at school. A popular girl and her friends were making fun of her every day. I told her to feel love for them. I told her that when they will say things, just say in your mind, I love you. It is much easier to feel love for children than adults. The little girl followed my advice. The situation changed in a day. Now, she is happy about the prospect of going to school. That’s how powerful the feeling of love is!!! Love is the only power that is gentle and yet is the most powerful of all.

The more love we feel the more amazing our lives are going to become. It is that simple!!! If we want to make more money, we need to feel more love. If we want to have wonderful relationships, we need to feel more love. If we want to heal ourselves, we need to feel more love, etc. Why? Because, we create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel good, do we create what we desire. So, if we want to take our lives to a completely new level…LOVE IS THE TRUE AND ONLY ANSWER…

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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