Imagine that you are looking through a window and you see your future. What is it that you see? Because, what you see, is what is going to be.

Everything starts with imagination. For us to have truly magical lives we need to be able to imagine them. We need to be able to imagine that we have the perfect boss, successful business, wonderful relationships, perfect health, etc. We might ask: Is it possible for perfection to exist? Is it possible for my life to be truly amazing in every aspect of it? That question is asked of you. An amazing reader of this blog: Is it possible for your life to be incredible in every area of it? Whatever you think it is, it is! If we can imagine it, we can have it. If we can imagine having perfect health we will create it. If we can imagine amazing relationships that is what we will be experiencing, etc. We say: Go for the moon! The moon? Only the moon? Go for the entire Universe! Think big, dream big and expect to have magic in your life! Because, then and only then you can have it.

My clients are telling me with tears in their eyes, how happy they are. They are saying that their lives are beyond their expectations. That is the key expression, “beyond expectations”. At the very beginning they needed to learn and understand that they are creating everything in their lives. That their lives depend only on themselves. Because, of that fascinating fact, it is entirely up to them how their lives are going to look. They are the architects. In order for them to build magic they needed to design it first. In other words they needed to grow their imagination. Whatever it is that we are creating, if we want it to be spectacular, we need to be able to imagine that splendor first. So, as they grew their imagination, their lives grew with it. They went beyond the levels that they could imagine.

So, take a moment and think. If you could have anything you want, if you could have everything perfect, what would that look like? And...go beyond what you now think is possible…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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