Most of us love surprises. Receiving a big box or a little box and wondering what would be inside. What does the box hide? We are so eager to open it and see its contents. We open it, excited…

Well… there is the most incredible “box” that we already possess that we can open in our lives! That “box” is the knowledge of the power of our mind. When we are ready to do that, we discover in it the most amazing wonders that will forever change how we see this world and how we live our lives. It will alter us forever in ways beyond our dreams and as the result our lives will go beyond what we have ever thought was possible!!!

That gift becomes a HUGE surprise as it goes far beyond what we might have ever expected in our wildest dreams. When we open that “box”, we realize that we create everything in our lives. EVERYTHING!!! You have probably heard that we create our lives. But…to what degree do we create everything? The answer is very surprising. All the way!!! We have the power to create what a person next to us is going to say or do. We have the power to script things the way we want and things will unfold the way we desire.

An example:

One of my clients had a birthday. She wanted to celebrate her birthday for two days. On Saturday she wanted to spend it with her friends and on Sunday, she wanted to celebrate it with her boyfriend. She came to my office, sat in the chair and told me that she was amazed. She said that she scripted both days in her mind. She said that Saturday went exactly as she scripted, but when on Sunday, her boyfriend told her almost word for word what she wanted him to say, she was an awe. She said that she truly realized how powerful we are. Another client scripted in her mind what the people on the interview were going to say about her. She told me that they said exactly what she wanted them to say. Of course, she got the job.

Can we be that powerful? Honestly, this is only the beginning of understanding of our power. This is just the surface of the gift that we all have. As we start growing in our understanding we realize, surprised, that there is so much more to it!!! So much more…. We realize in awe that this knowledge is huge and as we discover it and apply it, we grow rapidly. As our knowledge is expanding, our abilities are increasing. We can do more and more.

Here is just a surface of that knowledge.

We create everything by the way we feel. Only when we feel good do we create what we desire. The key to our success is paying attention that we feel good. When we feel good, we become calm. Calmness is the key to taking our lives to new levels. Calmness creates patience. The more patient we become the faster we create what we want. We need to script things the way we want them to happen. We script them by having a picture in our mind of the desired outcome. In other words, we feel good, then we have a picture in our mind of the perfect outcome. If we are really calm, we create that outcome.

So, feel lots of love and gratitude and have fun with everything you do…and create your Magical Life…

Have an Absolutely Magical Week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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