There are many ways we can look at a rainy day. We can wish that it was sunny or we can just realize that rain is needed for the plants to grow. We can also sit and enjoy the sound of the rain drops falling down and smell the fresh air that is so amazing during rain. Then after the rain, plants and grass are lush green and the most incredible rainbow paints the sky with its brilliant colors.

How do we see a rainy day? Do we wish it was sunny or do we enjoy its beauty? How do we see a sunny day? Do we wish it was raining so it could cool down or do we enjoy the sunshine? How do we see the traffic on the road? Do we wish that there was less of it or do we take a moment for ourselves to think about something exciting that makes us smile? Do we wish we had a different job or we are grateful what it provides?

You see, the whole point is to enjoy every moment that we have. See the good things in everything and speak only about the things that we love. And the most important is to be grateful for the smallest things.

We create everything in our lives by the way we feel and when we feel good we create what we desire. When we see fun in everything and we speak only about things that make us feel good, our feelings amplify and they become stronger. Those stronger feelings have more power to create what we want.

Things are simpler than we realize. We just need to pay attention to what we have and be grateful for it. Be grateful for every penny you have and money will come in abundance. Be grateful for the rain and for the sun and the rainbow will paint your sky with the magnificence of colors beyond your imagination. That is how everything works! The more you notice the little things and you feel gratitude for them, the more abundance you will create in your life…until…it will become truly Magical…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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