There was a couple that loved French cuisine. They were big fans of a French restaurant that they attended regularly. One day, a chef cooked a completely new dish. The lady loved it so much that she asked the owner of the restaurant if the chef could give her a recipe for it. The owner was happy to provide it to her. The chef came and gave her the recipe. The lady wrote down all the ingredients and the way to prepare them. A week later the couple came to the restaurant as usual. The lady asked to see the chef again. When the chef came, she told him that she followed the recipe exactly as he advised, but the dish tasted differently. They compared the notes, finding out that she actually did everything the chef asked her to do. It has to be something else, the lady insisted. Your dish tastes so much better than mine, she added. The chef thought for a moment and then he said. You are right madam. There is something else, you need to throw yourself into it, he concluded.

Why some people are amazing cooks, hairdressers, computer specialists, or teachers, etc.? Because, they give it 100%. They love what they do!!! They are fully engaged with it. They have so much fun!!! They throw themselves into it. They have the right mindset to become truly successful in whatever they do.

So, here, I have a perfect recipe for you.

2 cups of love

2 cups of gratitude

2 cups of fun

Mix it together very well and then sprinkle it with imagination. It creates a Magic potion for the perfect mindset. That mindset when applied to anything is going to create things we desire.

The key is to use that recipe regularly. Everyday!!! As often as possible during the day. Consistency is what makes it happen. Like we need to brush our teeth and take a shower, etc., everyday, we need to make it a part of our daily routine. Like we nurture our body with good food, we need to nourish our mind with the right ingredients. When we do that, really do that, we become calm, confident, happy and full of energy. We love life!!!

So, take a big bowl. Put all the required components into it…remember to sprinkle it with imagination, mix it really well… sustain yourself with it…and go for the world!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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