A New Year has just begun. What is this year going to be like? Is it going to be a better year than the last one? Is it going to be the best year of your life? What is this year going to look like? What do you expect this year to be? Because, what it is that you expect it is what is going to be.

What does it mean when we talk about expectations? Expectation is a feeling. When we talk about the New Year, it is what we feel about it. Do we feel that it is going to be amazing? You see, we create everything in our lives by the way we feel. ONLY when we feel good do we create what we desire. In other words, we create what we expect. We might think that this year is going to be fantastic, but what we feel about it is going to determine the outcome. What if we want this year to be awesome, but somehow our feelings about it are in a different place? Can we create the desired expectations? The great news is that we can!!!

How do we go about it? First, we need to decide what our amazing year would look like. In other words, we need to set goals for this year according to our desires. They have to be our goals and we need to be excited about them. If we want this year to be awesome, we need to set amazing goals. You have the power beyond your wildest dreams and you can achieve things that are truly remarkable. If you could have anything you want, what would you like to have? When we go for the sky, we reach the sky. When we go for the moon, we reach the moon. Make the Universe your playground!!! How would you like your life to be in every area? What kind of relationships would you like to have? What kind of job or business would like to have? How much money would you like to make? What kind of health would you like to have? Etc.

Now, have fun and put a picture in your mind of what your life would look like when you achieve them. How does that picture make you feel? If it makes you feel amazing that is awesome. In another case, adjust it a bit until you have fun with what you see on your picture. See that picture in your mind many times a day. Every time have fun with it. That picture, repeated over and over again in your mind on a daily basis is going to create the expectations that you need in order to create what you desire.

I am sure you have heard of or know people who seem to achieve their goals faster and easier than others. Because, they expect to accomplish them. They already feel like they have them. That is what the picture in our mind is going to create. After repeating it over and over every single day, we are going to expect and feel that we already have what we want.

And…of course…we need to act on our goals.  

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine


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