I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology and I can tell you about the many ways we can learn. After I put together the ancient formula that teaches us how to access our mind 100% I have discovered that those methods that have some implementation when we talk about scholar knowledge have absolutely nothing do to with learning about creating things in our lives.

How does our world work? How our minds work? How do we tap into the power of our minds to create what it is that we desire? Etc.

We have heard many times that we learn from our mistakes. Yes, we do. We all have a share of that kind of learning. But what if there is an easier way? You see there is no wrong or right way to learn, but there is an easier way.

And here I am going to give you some fascinating information.

Calmness is the key! When we are calm we learn in a new unique way.

Imagine that you are standing in a room. You see a door that can lead you to another place. The door is locked and you have no idea how to open it. You tried and tried to open it, but it stayed locked. You realize that you don’t have a key to open it. In a situation like that, most likely we become frustrated as it looks like there is no way out. After some time, we give up. We surrender to the situation. At that very moment the door that was locked became slightly ajar. You look at that door with disbelief. It was locked. You tried to open it many times and now it opened by itself? You wonder…why has that happened? In your mind, you go over and over of what you were doing and how you were feeling, and you come to a brilliant conclusion. It was not that you gave up but the fact that you became calm after you gave up that opened the door. You stopped fighting! You became calm. OMG! You think to yourself. I have the key to that door! I always had it! The key is calmness. So, you make a very wise decision of becoming even calmer. As your calmness increases a new door appears in the wall of the room that was not there before. Now, you know that you have a key to that new door as well. You know that calmness is the universal key that opens all doors! You become even calmer and the new door opens. You peek through it. The new possibility looks better than you have ever imagined! What if there are more doors that I have no idea exist. You take your calmness to a new and newer level and new and newer doors appear one after another. At that moment your life becomes magical as you know that you have the key to open any of those doors.

This is how it works when we use the universal key that is calmness. The calmer we are the more power of the mind we can see. The more possibilities reveal themselves. Our calmness needs to grow continuously and when it does we see how our minds work from a completely new and newer perspective. By growing our calmness we learn in a very unique way. We grow our levels of understanding of everything. We see complicated situations as simple and we know what to do to create them exactly as we want. The calmer we are the more we realize that we can do absolutely anything even what we would never consider before as possible. And then…we take all of that even to new and newer levels! The doors of the possibilities are endless…and every next one becomes more and more fascinating.

So, how do we grow our calmness?

By feeling love for ourselves and others. When we feel love we automatically become calm. The more love we feel the calmer we become. And when we take our calmness to new and newer levels our lives become easy and truly magical!

Have an absolutely magical week full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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