I had learned from a mutual friend that Kathy Martel’s three year old son was very sick. He had viral meningitis. He was in coma for a long time and after he regained consciousness he was still in the hospital going on two months. I got Kathy’s phone number and called her immediately. We made an appointment for a free consultation. There, she told me that her son was in a poor condition, he could not even stand up, drink or eat solid food as his muscles were affected and swallowing was a big issue. All he could consume was mashed food. He was speaking very slowly and had selective memory. I told Kathy how to use her mind to heal her son. She did exactly what I asked her to do. The very next day, she left me a voicemail that her son, Nathan, could almost swallow liquid and he almost could stand up. The very next day, she texted me that Nathan took his first three steps with braces. In a week from that moment she started to do the tools that I asked her to apply, he was walking with braces along the corridors of the hospital, he drank and ate solid food, he was speaking faster and he was released to go home. The doctors were shocked by his sudden progress. A week later, which is only two weeks from the moment Kathy applied the tools, Nathan was walking without braces, he was drawing and standing on a chair. Now, he goes to pre-school. He runs with other children, he climbs ladders and slides down a slide, he has all his memory back and he behaves like a normal child. He is back being that little curious fun boy that he used to be. Kathy and I were crying when she was giving me the huge update on Nathan’s progress. “It is a miracle,” Kathy said as she was wiping the tears of joy. “Yes, it is,” I confirmed. “And you created that miracle!”, I added. “By doing exactly what I asked you to do.” We were both sitting in silence for a while overwhelmed by gratitude. Thanks to Kathy’s determination her little boy is going to have a normal life. Good for you, Kathy! I am so proud of you and so incredibly happy for you! J

The power of our mind goes beyond anything we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams. When we know how to tap into that power, we can create the miracles like Kathy did.

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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