I am sure you have seen people that do the same things but have completely different results. It seems for some people things go so much smoother and easier than for others. What is the difference between them?

Imagine two sales people. One has an appointment and hopes to make a sale. The other one sees the sale as a done deal. Which one of them is going to make a sale? Of course, the second one. You see they both are very knowledgeable and they both have the same number of appointments, but the results are very different. We were told that if we want to make more sales, we need to have more appointments. Of course, in order to be successful, we need to take actions. In this case, we need to have more appointments, but at the end, it all comes to the ONE THING that makes the whole difference and that is our mindset. The very successful people have the right mindset. They expect that they are going to create the perfect outcome. In their mind they see it as a done deal! They have this incredible confidence about themselves.

How can we create that mindset? How can we create that incredible confidence?

It all starts with how we feel. The most powerful feeling that is going to create all of that is love. When we feel love we automatically become calm. Calmness creates confidence. The calmer we are the more confident we are.

I am going to give you an example.

One of my clients, a financial advisor, told me that she felt she needed more training to make more sales. She told me that she needed more clients and more confidence. I asked her to feel lots of love for herself and everyone else including her clients and have a picture in her mind of the perfect outcome.  She followed my guidance and her confidence increased rapidly, and she just told me that she had the best month ever. It was a pretty good month!!! One other client, an insurance agent went from being third from the bottom in his office to being the number one in just four months and soon, he was number one in his company.

The fascinating thing is that all of that is so simple and so easy. Feeling love is simple and easy. We are designed to feel love. That feeling builds the confidence and the expected desired results in every area of our lives.

So, feel more love and then…feel more love…then feel more love…and then keep going… Because, that is the HUGE feeling that makes all the difference!!!

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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