When racing drivers and other athletes compete very often a fraction of a second makes the difference between the first place and the second. Just a fraction of a second is the deciding factor of who is going to be the winner and collect the trophy. Do you realize how tiny that is?

We need to act in order to achieve our goals, but the difference between the top agent, the top employee and being the best is as tiny as a fraction of a second. It is the extra phone call, the extra mile or the extra smile that will create that successful business or a perfect relationship.

In order for us to reach our dreams we have to act on them. Actions will only produce results when we have the right mindset. By repeating in our mind the picture of the perfect outcome we create the belief that we can achieve our goals. In order for our dream to manifest we need to go beyond belief. We need to know that we already have what we want. It has to be a done deal in our mind. That is the right mindset. When we keep repeating the picture of the perfect outcome over and over throughout the day, that one extra repetition is sometimes all that makes the difference. You see, there is a certain number of repetitions that we need in order to create that mindset. That one extra repetition might be just the one that will create the desired result. That one extra repetition will make our dream come true.  

Always go the extra mile. Always give one extra smile or one extra kind word. See one extra time the perfect life in your mind and that will create the extra fraction of a second for you to become the winner. So, you too, can pick up your trophy…and live a Magical Life.

 Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE, GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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