We often think that we have limited beliefs that stop us from achieving great things. We think that we need to change them in order to move forward. But there is an easier way to go about it.

Instead of thinking what it is that we need to change, we need to create a completely new set of things we want to believe in, from scratch. We need to sit down and decide who we want to be and what it is that we would like to have. It is very important that we move forward instead of looking at the past. Think about it this way. You have a blank piece of paper and you are going to create this brilliant person with an amazing life. That person is YOU. What characteristics you would like to have? Great confidence, humor, extremely happy, etc. What would you like to have? Awesome relationships, money, great career, a very successful business, perfect health, etc. Make a list, using ONLY positive words.

All those things start with you, so you need to concentrate on the most important thing and that is feeling love for yourself. Do you know what is the difference between people who are successful in every aspect of their lives and other people? They love themselves more! The more we love ourselves the more successful we will become. The more we love ourselves the more we can see how special and amazing we are and the more we see beauty in others.

My client, Windsor from England, took the picture that is featured on this blog. He was cooking and feeling lots of love for the ingredients as he was preparing his food. When he cut the onion he saw a heart inside it. Thank you for this beautiful picture, Windsor!

It is like the onion on the picture above. We think that we need to peel off all the layers of limited beliefs to get to the middle. But when we cut right to the chase and start with love that is inside us, it will create a ripple effect in every area of our lives. When we feel more and more love and combine it with the list of characteristics of the new us, we find that things become easier and more amazing and before we know it…we are the amazing person we always wanted to be…living a magical life…

Have an absolutely magical week, full of LOVE GRATITUDE and FUN!!!

Amanda Devine

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